a place to knit, crochet, and drink coffee

Starknuts-Harry Potter knitting/crocheting &coffee
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Coffee, crochet, knitting , harry potter,

Starknuts is conveniently located in Diagnon Alley and open to all Floo Networks with a sizeable fire place. Upstairs from the coffee shop is the Yarn shop for all your knitting and crocheting needs.

We use a special charm so that your beverage remains at your preferred temperature for as long as you have it. We offer a variety of flavors and drinks, both hot and cold.

Drop by and stay awhile! Shop for yarn and sit about in the cafe area catching up with your mates and/or working on your latest project!

Your Baristas: archerpren and calypsobard

Your Yarn mistress hermione_jean

Our Mascot is Fabulous Cat. Don't worry, she has been charmed so she does not shed and does not cause allergies.

Starknuts logo by hermione_jean
Fabulous cat from I can has Cheezburger