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StarKnuts & Knits Logo

Starknuts is conveniently located in Diagnon Alley and open to all Floo Networks with a sizeable fire place. Upstairs from the coffee shop is the Yarn shop for all your knitting and crocheting needs.

We use a special charm so that your beverage remains at your preferred temperature for as long as you have it. We offer a variety of flavors and drinks, both hot and cold.

Drop by and stay awhile! Shop for yarn and sit about in the cafe area catching up with your mates and/or working on your latest project!

Your Baristas: archerpren and calypsobard

Your Yarn mistress: hermione_jean

Our Mascot is Fabulous Cat. Don't worry, she has been charmed so she does not shed and does not cause allergies.

fabulous cat

Dec. 20th, 2010

It's here!  It's here!  My very own, official Mini Stocking exchange from hermione_jean

All I can say is Oh.  Wow.  

WowinessCollapse )

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry. I was excited.

Thank you so much, hermione_jean .  It's all amazing. 

I got my Christmas swap Package :)

Yay! I got my swap Package from lysianna  today :)
This is my first swap so I was/am really exited :)
I really didn't expect to get so much (and I feel kind of bad how small the package I sent was when I saw all this.)
Here's a pic of it all
I love the stocking it is crocheted with this white fluffy yarn on top witch I really like.
The coffee mug unfortunately lost its handle on the way over. But I love it all the same. It's Starbucks I'm so happy I have something from Starbucks (we don't have it in Iceland)
The jar is filled with chocolate cocoa mix and has a little whisk hanging from it (I had it turned the other way, whoops!) it's adorable.
I have a bigger pic of the stitch markers/earrings those are awesome :)

Thank you so much lysianna I love it all.
 Everyone should be in the process of mailing out swap packages!  If you haven't , please do so ASAP so they can be enjoyed for Christmas.  

And don't forget to post what you get so we can all drool and be envious!!!  
  probably need to get an HP icon to use in this community!!!!

Ok keep this particular post marked!!

This is where we discuss the movie!

Comments WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! (after all, that is where the discussion will take place)

So have some coffee or tea and let's talk about the movie!
 ok I have sent out partner information to either LJ message box or your email if I have it.  

Let me know if you did not get a message or if I did something briliant like assigned you to yourself! 

 Partners will be assigned tomorrow.  
I am so sleepy tonight I can't think strait much less see strait to see the signups clearly. 
So still time  for last minute signups.. atleast until mid dayish tomorrow. 

last Chance.. Starknuts swap signups!

Today is the last day to sign up for The Starknuts Christmas swap!!

You know you want to! It's quick and easy!!  Just f
ollow the link and sign up!  
 Don't forget signups for the STarknuts Christmas swap!!!  

details here!   

Go forth and sign up!!  

Starknuts Christmas Swap!!!

 Your Patronesses and of course Fabulous Cat are proud to Present:  

Professor Flitwick's Charming Mini-Stocking Christmas Swap!!!  

It's easy!  I know you want to sign up.  

Here's how it works: 

First Go here and fill out the wonderful  sign up form. 

knit or crochet a mini sock in Starknuts, Christmas, or person's House Colors.  
If you wish, throw in additional Christmas goodies up to $10.  

Send by December 10th.  

When you receive your package, please post about it here, preferably with pictures if possible so we can all drool and Fabulous Cat might purr.  

that's it!!!  
Socks of course can be knitted or crocheted!  We have many crafters of each and both!  

i'll let you know Monday night who you are sending too :D  

Any questions? 

Tea anyone?


I've wanted to make a tea cosy for years.  The Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry finally gave me a good reason.  I followed the basic pattern by Yasmin .  I used two skeins of Burnt Pumpkin and placed a stitch marker on one of the skeins to keep the confusion to a minimum.   Added a crocheted stem and curl, no leaves, leaves were too much.

My cosy is keeping my tea warm and lovely as I type.