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StarKnuts & Knits Logo

Starknuts is conveniently located in Diagnon Alley and open to all Floo Networks with a sizeable fire place. Upstairs from the coffee shop is the Yarn shop for all your knitting and crocheting needs.

We use a special charm so that your beverage remains at your preferred temperature for as long as you have it. We offer a variety of flavors and drinks, both hot and cold.

Drop by and stay awhile! Shop for yarn and sit about in the cafe area catching up with your mates and/or working on your latest project!

Your Baristas: archerpren and calypsobard

Your Yarn mistress: hermione_jean

Our Mascot is Fabulous Cat. Don't worry, she has been charmed so she does not shed and does not cause allergies.

fabulous cat

I made this for a HPKCHC class and I wanted to share. I love it.

RE: Need help with my Weasley Blanket

Hi Everyone,
I have so many projects going at one time I think I am losing my mind YIKES!!!! So, I need some help getting one of them done.  I am currently participating in Ofenjen's Project of Doom over at HP Paper piecing and I am loving it :0) so that is my main project. On my down time from that project I really have to get moving on my Weasley blanket.  This blanket is the one in the later movies that is made up of all knitted squares.  I have 99 squares done and ready to be put together and that is the problem.  I want a nice flat seam.  All of my blocks are different colors. I have striped, solid and diagonal blocks.  I just can't decide on the method to use so, I need help, suggestions, advice and inspiration to get me going on this project again.  I know that if any group could help me it would be this one. I really want to cross one project off my list.

I thought I'd share with y'all the last block I needed to put together the CAL blanket.  If you'll remember, I did all 4 houses each month for a total of 48 blocks.  Well, with it being a Harry Potter blanket & all, I want to keep those magical numbers in the blanket.  So to make the blanket 7 rows of 7 blocks, I need 49 blocks.  So I decided to do a house unity block & try to mimick the borders I wanted to do once the blanket was joined.  This is the block I decided on. 

Starburst New Millenium 

~Block Instructions~Collapse )


Hufflepuffing into second place!


Scuse the dog's nose! Cheeky and camera lover doesn't begin to describe her -_^!

This is the second crest to be a part of my Hogwarts House Crests Blanket!
Really really happy with the result!
The little badger's face is too adorable for words!!

2 crests down, 2 to go!!

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I'm at it again... another Harry Potter themed afghan...this time featuring...The House Crests!!

Just completed the first one! Slytherin!


I took a couple of shots to try and convey size with the panels of the Hogwarts Bunch Blanket...

1 down, 3 to go (maybe 4)!!

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The Hogwarts Bunch Blanket

Remember these guys from aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago?!?!
Guess what....

Please scuse the blood red sweaty face - it’s a balmy 30+ degrees or so here in Australia and it’s a REALLY EFFECTIVE BLANKET~~!! Phew!!!

I still need to crochet a couple of rounds as the joins have slid up a little bit, but to be completely honest with you, trying to do that in 30+ heat is beyond a joke so it can friggin wait!!!
As you can see the thing is HUUUUUUUGE and covers my parents QUEEN SIZED BED quite comfortably!! Mine is only a double, so had to steal there’s for the photoshoot -_^!
I started this project on the 23rd July, 2009 and I gotta tell you, I am so stoked with it!!
I will have more photos and of course the all important tutorials on how I went about turning the panels into one massive arse blanket on my website in the next week or so if anyone is interested (http://totallee.net) -_^!
 I received my swap package from inknbeans this weekend!! woo!!!!
Sorry it took a few to get the pictures up.  I was going to do it last night but couldn't get the pictures off my phone on to my computer... I coudln't even find them (i'm sure it was my misdoing!) 

So ready to drool??? thought so!!!!

I LOVE the bag! I love bags. I love the reusable store bags!  I love chocolate :D
There's also some SF chocolate pecan clusters, and chocolate covered peanuts!  Everything was wrapped but I have no patience to take pictures BEFORE unwrapping!  
and look.. inknbeans coffee! I AM THRILLED!!!!!!! I'm going to bust it out when I'm home for Christmas Vacation for maximum enjoyment!  

And here's the sock!!!  I love it!!

Thank you SO MUCH Emjae!!! It is such a wonderful package and I enjoy it immensely!!!! 
(tomorrow I shall be using the bag of chocolate to bring some stuff up to the office!) 

Stocking Swap!

I received a wonderful package from lunaneela today.

Wanna see...Collapse )



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